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We're proud to offer the most exciting collection of eyewear on the market! Top to bottom, nobody provides more value, experience, or quality selection than Tailgunner Optics. Plus, we offer so many extras in our eyewear that you just don't find anywhere else. Things like maximum UV protection, premium frame materials, and shatter-resistant, optically correct decentered lenses, may be overlooked by some manufacturers, but it's where we excel. So take your time, look around, and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you choose the perfect set of eyewear, just for you...

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Day/Night Photochromic - Ultra high quality photochromic glasses that transition from light to dark in the sun. Our Evo Series features state of the art shatter resistant UV 400 polycarbonate lenses and boasts frames constructed from premium grade materials. All Evo photochromic glasses also include a hard shell carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

Multi Lens Systems - A customer favorite for years! Our Multi Lens Systems come neatly packaged inside a hard shell carrying case with a removable inside pouch that houses anywhere from 3 to 5 sets of interchangeable lenses. Day, night, dusk, fog...it doesn't matter! With interchangeable lenses, you're covered in all conditions!!! Lots to choose from here, including styles that feature removable foam padding inserts, sunglass/goggle conversion hybrids, or even the legendary Silverback 5 lens system!

Foam Padded Riding Glasses - Everybody loves feeling the wind in your face, just not in your eyes. Well, with our foam padded riding glasses you can ride in style knowing you're protected by UV400 shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses. Our foam padding is ideal for keeping the wind, dust, and other harmful elements out of your eyes.

Goggles - Anti fog? Check! UV400 lenses? Affirmative! Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses? Adjustable straps? You better believe that's a big heck yes! If you're looking for a set of professional grade goggles, look no further!

Polarized - We combine advanced polarized optical filters with precision balanced frames to provide the absolute best value in polarized eyewear. Our polarized glasses shield you from excessive glare and comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and functions.

Active Style - Great selection and optimum value highlight this category. All Active Style glasses feature UV400 lenses, selections in a variety of lens colors, and all come with a micro fiber carrying pouch.

Accessories - Here you'll find spare parts, such as replacement lenses, and other great accessories like sunglass pouches, cases, and cords/sunglass retainers.

Prescription - If you wear prescription eyewear, we offer unbelievable products to that enhance your ride and finally let you see what you've been missing.

Ladies' Riding - Nobody outdoes us when it comes to ladies riding eyewear! Great styles, fantastic function, and a wide selection make us your ultimate stop when it comes to eyewear for the ladies...

Fit Over Glasses - The perfect solution for those who wear prescription eyewear and are looking for an easy way to gain more protection from the sun, wind, and other elements. This eyewear slips easily over most prescription glasses and is available in a variety of styles including goggles or sunglasses.

BiFocals - The best of both worlds! Our Bifocals double as sunglasses and reading glasses. With an inconspicuous magnification zone, UV400 protection, and strengths ranging from +1.25 to 3.00, now is the time to stop squinting and start enjoying the world around you!


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